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Batlle i Roig

Desk Batlle i Roig

Batlle i Roigue Arquitectes is a firm founded in 1981 and located in Barcelona. Its team of over thirty professionals cover activities ranging from architecture to urbanism, landscape design, environment and project management.

Among the firm’s international clients are Barcelona Football Club, Telefonica, The Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Caixa or Catalunya Caixa. The firm has also worked on projects such as the Toulouse exhibition centre, the International Gartenschau Hamburg of 2013, the International Exhibit in Saragossa in 2008, and the town halls of Amiens, Barcelona, Saragossa…

The two founding architects are also published authors of books, papers, and are renowned lecturers. Their expertise in terms of ecological innovations is recognized not only in Catalonia, but throughout the world. Their knowledge of the norms and their talent help us work on projects that strive towards excellency.

Rio amenagé de Llobregat

Example: reconfiguring the Llobregat river

Thanks to the aesthetic harmony of nature, man’s intervention on the landscape is practically invisible.

Enric Batlle
Barcelona School of Design and Engineering
Lecturer at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Department of urbanism and territorial development)
Navarre University (Faculty of Architecture)

Enric Batlle

Joan Roig
Barcelona School of Architecture
Speaker at schools of architecture in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey and the US.
Lecturer at the Barcelona School of Agriculture

Joan Roig