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Respecting the regulation in terms of urbanism for landscaping public areas is essential and mandatory. This is why we always work in close relation with architects representing local councils and regions.

Bringing together different points of views depending on public and private interests is essential to a collaboration that will lead to the development of outstanding sites such as the environment around Far de San Sebatia.

In addition to the decade-long insurance which is the basic warrantee in each of our projects, we also run a trial period in the 18 months following the project’s completion to detect any potential conception irregularity. This process also enables us to provide valuable feedback to our partners and suppliers, not to mention our buyers.

Victor Fabregat Rubiol

Victor Fabregat Rubiol

He is one of the founding partners of the Fabregat-Perulles-Sales firm, which is implanted in Barcelona, Tarragona and Majorca.
He is a lawyer specialising in property and urban legislation, environmental and reusable energy law, and financial and foreign investment law.
Having worked for German and French firms, he has an extensive international experience, and is a member of the hispano-german jurists association, as well as of several consulting organisations on a national and European level. He has been an active participant in the implementation of national norms and of EU directives.

Thanks to his support, and the support of his partners and his colleagues, we are confident that our projects comply with complex and challenging regulations. Our aim is to become a key contact for any individual directly or indirectly linked to our projects.

Safety on our constructions sites

Safety on our construction sites is one of our main concerns, and we often establish our own requirements in addition to those asked by regulation.

Experience and habits are often the biggest threat in this area, which is why we have implemented weekly inspections to remind everyone not only of the basic safety rules, but also about common sense safety in a construction site where everything is constantly changing.

securité Far de Llafranc

Quality check

Our houses are controlled by the Veritas office during the construction process to ensure the best quality. For example, samples of concrete are regularly taken to check its density, and therefore its solidity. The same is done with the coring to analyse the ground and underground composition.
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